Move day – Leaving The Hague

As we write this we are already settled in our new temporary home, where we will stay for the next 2 weeks. The last few days were spent packing up, giving most of the furniture a new home and moving over.

We hired a company to move all of our remaining stuff which was a blessing, these guys were awesome. They everything into the truck within the hour and 3 hours later we were completely settled on our new “home”.

So where are you living now you ask? We are the luckiest people as Tim’s parents are building their own bed and breakfast right on their property. And it so happened to be very much liveable already, meaning we could move in straight away and stay there for a few weeks.

The space is great, its the first floor in an old hay shed and downstairs we have a shower, a toilet and a small kitchen block. It’s absolutely perfect. We also moved over a few of our own furniture, like the couch and even our own bed so it still feels quite homey.

Leaving the appartment feels bittersweet and The Hague. We loved living there, it’s convinciences and ofcourse its beaches and nature, but we are also really looking forward to whatever were going to see next.

Waking up with this view and the peace and quiet is a very nice conclusion to this hectic week.

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