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Happy New Year and sorry for the delay, we have much to share with you still. Right now, we are in Tokyo. Our latest blog about Kumamoto Castle was from the 19th December 2022. We got a lot of work to do before arriving on our blog in Tokyo.

Nagasaki A-bomb

In Nagasaki we decided to spent some time on working on projects. That’s why we did not see everything we wanted, like “Huis den Bosch” or Hashima island. Those places where too far away for us to visit. And we had already seen some of it in the Netherlands?  What we did wanted to see was the history of the A-bomb. Soon after the bomb on Hiroshima, the second bomb fell on Nagasaki. After this bomb the Japanese government decided to surrender and made an agreement with other Asian countries that this was the last A-bomb that should hit. The same stories as in Hiroshima showed up. It was very real and left a heavy impression.

After the museum we went to the peace park. There we saw different statues given from countries to show their support.

Address: A-bombmuseum Nagasaki – Google Maps
Website: Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum/Nagasaki City Peace Hall (nabmuseum.jp)
Admission: 200 Yen per adult

Address: Hypocenter Park – Google Maps
Website: NAGASAKI PEACE official website of Nagasaki City
Admission: Free

Dejima Nagasaki

One thing we did not know about was Dejima in Nagasaki. Dejima was a Dutch trading camp. This place was built in the EDO period in the year 1636 by the Tokugawa Shogun. In the Napoleon war, this was the only Dutch flag that was still standing. In those days this was something to be proud of. We saw many buildings with history about this place. Some of the buildings where even kept in their old state.

Address: Dejima – Google Maps
Website: Dejima〜 (nagasakidejima.jp)
Admission: 520 Yen per adult

Seaside Park Nagasaki

We still want to walk through the city sometimes, just to know where we are. This time we wanted to walk through China Town. But we found it rather small. We decided to walk to the water and we ended up in Seaside Park. Nagasaki is a city that lies in between the mountains and next to a river and this is the place to visit and enjoy everything. But you can also go up to Mount Inasa. We really liked the Seaside Park.

Address: Nagasaki Seaside Park – Google Maps
Website: nagasaki seaside park (mizubenomori.jp)
Admission: Free

This was our experience in Nagasaki. For more information about Japan, go to Japan Travel Destination » Tim and Ellen’s Blog (timellen.net)

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