Nakhon Sawan

This is going to be a short blog about Nakhon Sawan. We stayed here for two nights, because we found a very interesting place to see and because it is easy to reach by train.

The interesting place is called Phra Chulamanee Chedi, Khiriwong Temple (The Golden Hilltop Pagoda).  As we walked from our hotel, it was a four kilometres walk including the uphill climb. We started the climb at the bottom of the hill as a four by four stopped before us. There was a monk in it, asking us if we needed a ride to the temple. We could not resist and climbed in the back of the four by four and went up.

After we reached the temple, we looked our eyes out. We think it is one of the quietest temples we have seen so far. We had a breath-taking view looking over the rivers and wanted to stay the whole afternoon just looking.

Adress: Phra Chulamanee Chedi, Khiriwong Temple: The Golden Hilltop Pagoda – Google Maps

When we headed back to our hotel, we took a detour through the Paradise Park to see some dragons. This park is a park used for running and walking and it is quiet at daytime and busy at night-time. We also saw some very big bats hanging in the trees. That was a first for us.

Adress: Paradise Park, Nakhon Sawan City – Google Maps

Next on our list is Sukhothai. We have no idea how to get there, but we are looking forward to it. If you are interested in some of our last findings in Thailand, go to Ayutthaya our last two days or Arriving in Ayutthaya.

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