Nara Park

Walking in Nara Park

Nara Park is place where we could walk in for two days. The surroundings are beautiful and there are a lot temples and shrines here. One of the best parts is that we saw a lot of deer walking around. If you want you can also buy cookies for them. First, we went to the Todaj-Ji temple, but on that later. The second thing we did was walking around in the park and climb a hill to Motomiya Shrine where we had some magnificent view over the Nara. We saw a lot of nice places and walked by many statues. The park turns very fast in a darker area, which we truly loved.

Address: Narapark – Google Maps
Website: Home – Worldparks (nara-park.com)
Admission: Free (for some of the temples or shrine in Nara park you will have to pay extra to get in)

Address: Motomiya Shrine – Google Maps
Website: 春日山錬成会 | 春日大社 (kasugataisha.or.jp)
Admission: 200 yen per adult

Todai-Ji temple

Today-Ji was the reason we wanted to go to Nara Park. This is a temple that supposed to be very big and old. Inside we saw many statues. The sizes of those things were huge and very impressive. We found out that when you are offering a deer food, you have to bow first before you give it to them. The deer will bow back. If the food is gone you have to put up your hands to show them they are empty.

Address: Todai-ji – Google Maps
Website: Todaiji.or.jp
Admission: 600 yen per adult

We could fill another day with walking around in this park. This was our last day in Osaka. If you want to read more about our stay in Osaka, go to Osaka Castle, museum and Shrine » Japan (timellen.net).

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