New start 2021

At the beginning of 2020, the 15th of January to be exact, we started to travel the world. Our journey started in Indonesia and ended soon after in Malaysia because of the first Covid-19 lockdown in March. A bummer. We were lucky that we still had our home to go back to in the Netherlands.

The beginning

After half a year of working we decided it was time for something else. The idea was planted in our brainz and soon after we quit our jobs and started to work for ourselves. Tim began to make his own game, soon also playable on this website and Ellen started to write her own stories. But the biggest decision we made was selling our house. On the first of June we have to deliver the key to the next owner. We also have to say goodbye of course. In a few days we have to say goodbye to our cat Rausie, but he will be taken care of.

Our Livingroom
Our dining table
Rausie the cat

Our plans

We were wondering about where to go next with the Covid-19 situation and the travel bans an decided it’s time to go and see the Netherlands. Starting in an Airbnb in Putten. This is our itinerary for the next few months.


  1. 28th of May 2021
    Move out our home and stay with Toon and Leony for a while.
  2. 1st of June 2021
    Deliver the key to new owner and say goodbye to our home.
  3. 14th of June 2021
    Drive to our first Airbnb in Putten Netherlands.

Because we don’t know our next destination, we are playing it safe and asked our car dealer to look for a good convertible to drive in. If we can’t go to Asia yet, we can at least drive around in Europe. Of course the most important thing that we must do before leaving, is get the Covid-19 vaccination.

Stay tuned in if you want to see more. We can’t wait to get started! Bye for now.


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