New stay and National Park Weerribben

We left our lovely stay in Putten, said goodbye to our hostess and a few hours later we arrived at our next stay in Zwolle.

New stay

This stay is a farm that’s build on a mount. We get to stay in the front of the house and are allowed to use its massive garden. The owner and his wife are staying in the other side of the house and have their own private garden aswell. For the next ten days we will be staying here. Not too bad right?!

National Park Weerribben

This Park is actually called Weerribben – Wieden because it’s divided in two pieces. For every park there is a visitor centre. We went to the side of Weerribben first. As we started the trail, we stumbled into a deer. Ofcourse it immediately ran away. Lucky for us there was plenty more to see here. The nature here is very different to the Veluwe but still very beautiful.

This week we will be going to visit National Park Wieden. We hope to see you soon.


National Park Weerribben:

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