New Year in Tokyo

Celebrating New Year

We celebrated our New Year in Tokyo. Early in the night of old years evening we went to Senso-Ji. There were a lot of food stalls on the square. They were preparing for the night ahead. After that we went to a restaurant to eat some chicken that were prepared in many different ways. Around 23:00 we went back to Senso-Ji to find a very long line of people waiting to make their wish for the new year. It was very impressive how much people were there. We thought there would be a little bit of fireworks, but there was none. It turned out to be a quiet new year.

Addresss: Sensō-ji – Google Maps
Website: ASAKUSA KANNON SENSOJI (senso-ji.jp)
Admission: Free

Tokyo Tower and Zojo-Ji

Next thing we did in the New Year is going to Tokyo tower. Tokyo tower is a smaller tower than the Sky Tree, but it exists a very long time. They have built it to hold against very heavy earthquakes. The view is very nice. We could see the Sumida River and we also could see the Tokyo Tower. We went to the highest deck off course. In this case it really makes a difference. We had some kind of to tour with an audio guide.

Address: Tokiotoren – Google Maps
Website: TokyoTower
Admission: 3000 yen per adult (Upper observation deck), 1200 yen per adult (Main deck).

That day we also visited the Zojo-Ji. That is a Shinto Shrine that is near the Tokyo Tower. It is rather big and we could see that it was very busy on new years eve.

Address: Zōjō-ji – Google Maps
Website: English|増上寺 (zojoji.or.jp)
Admission: Free

We will remain for a few days in Tokyo, but soon we will leave to another destination. For more information about Japan, go to Japan Travel Destination » Tim and Ellen’s Blog (timellen.net).

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