Next stop; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A lot of paperwork. That’s what we needed to get done to get into Malaysia.

  • A PCR test / Antigen test (only if you had covid between 6-60 days before arrival) including a proof of recovery;
  • My Sejahtera app (completely filled in);
  • Our vaccinations certificates;
  • Declaration of health insurance;
  • Passports;
  • And of course, a place to stay.

Don’t take this information for granted and look it up before you go. The information may be different.

After our covid infection we went off to Kuala Lumper. Our plane from Qatar Airlines departed at 16:15 from Amsterdam to Doha. Our transfer took about three hours and at 02:15 we were off to Kuala Lumpur. We were both awake on the first flight, watching some movies. The second flight Ellen had slept the most of the time, but Tim had a bear on his side and had some trouble sleeping. We landed at 14:30 local time, that’s UTC +8. Counting from the Netherlands it’s +6.

We arrived at our apartment. It’s really nice and in the middle of the centre. The first thing we did is to enjoy some Malaysian food.

We have planned some trips, that we didn’t took the first time. So, stay tuned.

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