Next stop Nagoya

Walking through Nagoya

Nagoya was our next stop for a few days. From the first day, we really liked Nagoya. It is a clean and modern city with a lot of old places and monuments. Walking around was a delight. There were some interesting things happening around us like, a show with fighter jets and a nice temple we came across. We walk past the building of the Science centre which was also amazing.

Address: Ōsu Kannon – Google Maps
Website: Osu-kannon

Address: Nagoya City Science Museum – Google Maps
Website: Science museum city nagoya

Address: Hisaya-odori Garden Flarie – Google Maps
Website: Garden flarie

Address: Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER – Google Maps
Website: Nagoya tv tower

Nagoya Castle

The Castle of Nagoya was wonderful place to stop next. It was finished in 1615. After that the castle was owned by the Tokugawa family. When you enter the castle grounds you walk across the castle square. In the middle of the square there is an Homaru palace where the Tokugawa family lived. It is kind of new, but non the less it was really worth it. We could not enter the castle, because of the earthquakes. They are trying to fortify it so it can hold.

Address: Nagoya kasteel – Google Maps
Website: Nagoya castle city nagoya
Admission: 500,00 Yen per adult

We really liked the city of Nagoya. If you want to know more about our travels, please take a look at On our way to Hamamatsu » Japan (timellen.net) to check out our train experience.

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