Next two months

We promised to show you our schedule.


  • 14th of June 2021, Putten Netherlands
    We have to say goodbye to our place in Haastrecht. The place we will stay in next is near the town Putten. We already have a route map and bikes. So there will be lots to do and to see. And offcourse we’ll be working at our own hobby’s.
  • 5th of July 2021, Zwolle Netherlands
    For a short period of time we will stay in a farm that’s on a mound, that’s actually a tiny house. It’s in the north of Zwolle. We want to visit Giethoorn and we hope it’s not to busy.
  • 15th of July 2021, Odoorn Netherlands
    Odoorn is above Emmen in Drenthe and here we will be staying in a bungalow. Our main plan is to visit the town Wildervank. We will tell you in a later blog why we want to go there.
  • 26th of July 2021, Woerden Netherlands
    We are staying for a few days with Ellen’s mom and hope this will be our last stay in the Netherlands.
  • In-between
    Getting our vaccinations.

It will be like this

So the next couple of weeks we will be visiting some places in the Netherlands. But soon we will be flying and driving through Europe. Bye for now!

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