Nice buildings and a market in Terengganu

Crystal Mosque

We wanted to visit a mosque for a while now. In Penang we missed out on the chance, but this time we visited the Crystal Mosque. The outside was very pretty. They just finished renovation. We also took a look inside. It was very quiet. This was one of the few times we got separated. The inside was nice to see for once.

Pasar Payang market

If we smell food, we are heading in the right direction. This was the same on this market called Pasar Payang. We arrived and went straight to a booth where they served Nasi Ayam Rendang. One of our favourite things. After our breakfast we went to find some things in the market. They had a lot of candy that we did not know. Brave as we were, we let the candy be.

Muzium Negeri Terengganu

This museum showed us the history in Terengganu. They found a stone with inscriptions. It seems to be some rules about the way the used to live or maybe still living. The reason we visited it was because of the building. It was very big and it showed us the building they used to have.

We just left Terengganu by bus. It took us six hours to reach our new stay. Tomorrow we will be leaving to Malakka. We hope that we can visit Cameron Highlands and Taman Negara National Forest before we leave to our next destination. In our next blog we still tell you more about our findings in Terengganu. Bye for now.


Crystal Mosque

Muzium Negeri Terengganu (bustickets)

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