Okayama has wonderful places

Okayama Castle

Okayama has wonderful places. One of them is the Okayama castle. It is one of the great castles where Toyotomi Hideyoshi lived. The build was completed in 1597. The castle wall outside was rather dark. When we entered the castle, we walked inside some kind of museum. We walked through the castle and saw a lot of castle history come by. It was a wonderfull castle.

Address: Okayama Castle – Google Maps
Website: [Official] Okayama Castle Website (okayama-castle.jp)
Admission: 400 Yen per adult (combi-ticket with Korakuen Garden 560 Yen per adult)

Korakuen Garden

Even in the fall Korakuen Garden is one of the wonderful places in Okayama. It is filled with the colors of fall. From green to yellow to red. Really magnificent. This garden is one of the famous gardens of Japan. It has been designed in the Kaiyu style. We looked down at the top of the garden and we thought there was a lot of dried grass. We got a little scared that it would disappoint. Those expectations were very much the opposite. We really enjoyed the beauty of the garden and it was actually quite big. This garden is beautiful in any time of year.

Address: KĊraku-en – Google Maps
Website: Korakuen – (okayama-korakuen.jp)
Admission: 400 Yen per adult (combi-ticket with Okayama castle 560 Yen per adult)

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