New stay

We were staying in a small village called Kakovatos. This was the closest house to Olympia that we could find. It’s only a 45 minutes drive away. The cabin is called Turtle cabin and it’s close to the sea. It’s small but had everything we needed for a couple of days. We haven’t got any photo unfortunately.


Olympia is one of the places we really wanted to visit. As we expected, we had a great time. There were a few buildings still standing. The one that stayed the best with us was the stadium itself. When we entered we walked through an archway that was connected to a small ally. The ally leads to a big field surrounded by grass so the spectators could sit. It was wonderful to walk through and we could feel the place come to life. After the archaeological site we entered the museum and we saw some need statues and bronze gear. It’s really worth a visit.



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