Liechtenstein,  Switzerland

On the road

On the 22nd of August we returned from Iceland. After sorting out our laundry, developing pictures and packing our bags for a few days, we took our own car and hit the road. This time we’re going for the long haul.

Ofcourse we are not just going at random, we have a plan. The route will look roughly like this:

  • Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  • Zweisimmen, Switzerland
  • Aosta, Italy
  • Bologna, Italy
  • Florence, Italy
  • Greece
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Bosnia
  • Kroatia
  • TBD

All of our stays up to Greece are now fully booked. From Greece onwards we don’t have anything set in stone yet and we will see how things will develop.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Our first stop was Vaduz, the capital of the small country of Liechtenstein. We arrived in our hotel after a drive of a little over ten hours. Happy we had booked two nights, it meant we had atleast a full day to spend here.

The next day we did several things. First we hiked towards the castle of the Prince of Liechtenstein which had a pretty view accross Vaduz. Since the guy acutally lives there it’s not possible to visit the castle, but the views alone was worth the trip. After that we went passed the famous Red House, a pretty building from the 12th century with a nice vinyard. Sadly also this place was closed for tourists. Next up, the Art Museum.

While the Art Museum was fun, we thought the building itself was more interresting than the expositions. It was a pitch black building from the outside and beautifully lit with natural light on the inside with strange divisions of the floors and stairs.

The next museum we went to was the National Museum and the Treasury. These we’re great museums with a very large range of different expositions, from the history of Liechtenstein to an exposition about myths and fairytales.

After these museums we were kind of beat and headed for dinner. We decided to go for a traditional Liechtenstonian meal, spicy Indian food! .

Switzerland – Glacier 3000

The next day we drove to the next destination, Switzerland. This is our current location as we write this. We have an Airbnb booked for five nights and we intend to explore the middle of Switzerland from here.

Today we went for one of the bigger attractions here called Glacier3000. It’s a big glacier on top of a mountain range close to three km high, hence the name. Here you can ride cable cars to the top and hike accross the glacier, walk accross a big suspension bridge or ride a luge down a track.

After spending time in a way too crowded cable car and on a wobbly suspension bridge, we went for a six km hike accross the Glacier. The views were amazing! After a day spend so high up we were completely beat when we returned to the car but it was worth it.

The next few days we will be spending time near the Thunensee and in Bern. See you again soon!


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Art Museum Liechtenstein:

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