A week of South-Jeju island

Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

The waterfall exists out of three parts. Between the parts there were a lot of stairs. The first waterfall only showed itself when it had rained. That day we had some very hot weather and we went on to the next. The second waterfall was there. It was rather small, also maybe because it had been dry for a couple of days. In between the first and the second waterfall there was a bridge. The bridge was the most impressive to us. When we walked across it, we found it was very high. The sides of the bridge we beautifully decorated with images of horses.

That day we also went to the volcanic cliffs. Which we saw also in Iceland. It still is a magnificent site to sea the blue water bumping against the black rocks.

Botanical Gardens

There are a lot of different kind of plants in the botanical gardens. We saw cactuses, fruit trees or plants and a lot of other types. It is really nice to walk inside. They also have a big garden with a lot of gardens types. One of them is a French garden which is very well kept. Inside it also has an observatory which you can climb in. You can see the sea and the hills and/or mountains. It is easy to spend the biggest part of the day here.

Oedolgae rock

Oedolgae rock is a rock named after a General. It stands in the sea at the side of a park. The place is very well kept and clean. We had some nice views over the sea. There is even have a place where you can swim. It is very clean and well kept.

We think Jeju looks like the Azores in a lot of ways. It also has volcanic grounds. We had a lot more time to see the Azores. That is the reason we prefer the Azores.


Botanical Gardens

Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

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