Osaka Aquarium and city center

Osaka Aquarium

We were stunned about the size of the aquarium and enjoyed the city center very much. The aquarium had almost everything. There where dolphins, otters, sea turtles, puffins, pinguins and even whales. It was really nice. When we entered, it seems very crowded, but when we walked further the people seemed to drift apart a little and it became very pleasant. In the middle of the building, we walked around a big aquarium. It was very nice. We booked our tickets online and it was good that we did, because it was rather busy and some people had to wait before they could enter.

Address: Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan – Google Maps
Website: Tickets | Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN
Admission: 2400 Yen per adult

Osaka City

The city of Osaka was very crowded. We wanted to go there because of a very nice cheese tart we wanted to have from Pablo. It turned out to be a very popular shopping area. We even saw a Don Quijote with a ferris wheel.

Address: Cheese Tart Pablo Shinsaibashi – Google Maps
Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street – Google Maps

Osaka is a little different than the other cities we have seen so far, but we like it. If you want to read some other blogs about Japan, go to Japan Travel Destination ยป Tim and Ellen’s Blog (timellen.net).

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