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Our unexpected visit to Antequera

Leaving Spain (not yet)

On our way home we had a four-hour drive in front of us. While we were driving to Malaga, we booked our tickets online for a visit to Al Hambra. We drove on a provincial road through a very nice landscape and saw a lot of hills, mountains, cliffs, old buildings and forests. After we left the scenery, we had to get back on the freeway. On the freeway, the engine light of our car turned on and the car was making a weird sound. We had to stop and luckely, we found ourself near an exit that was save to stop. It was Sunday and there were no mechanics working. We called our insurance company and they send us a taxi. Our car ended up in a depot and we had to wait until Monday for our car to get fixed. On Monday there was a strike going on for drivers that made us wait another day. We are getting the car back today which is Tuesday.

Lovely town Antequera

Because of our car trouble we arrived in Antequera. Without the car trouble we would have drove by this very nice town. That day we visited the Alcazaba, which is a Roman National Monument. It has the second largest tower of Andalusia. The town itself is rather small but very modern.

We hope to leave tomorrow and then we are going to visit La Hambra as planned.



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