Penang Hill and Botanical Gardens

Penang Hill

The last time we went to Penang Hill, we called Penang Hill a tourist trap. We wanted to see the Curtis Crest treetop walk. Because of the many tourists, the lack of signs and the sellers, we bailed. This time we pushed through. Little did we know, the entrance of Curtis Crest was just 100 meters away from the point we last went back. We continued our way and saw some beautifull insects. It was a lovely walk.

Botanical Gardens

When we went to the Botanical Gardens, much of the sightings were closed. Some of the places looked dried up. We came to a pond; were everything was in bloom. Here lived a lot of tropical animals. We starred a couple of minutes and went on. In the park there were also monkeys walking around. It was a big park and we think everything would have been nicer when everything is in bloom.

Tomorrow we are leaving George Town. We have a bus trip of an hour to Teluk Bahang. North-West of the island. We love to hear some of your thoughts of suggestions about our blog or travel plans. Please leave a comment.


Botanical Gardens Penang


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