Picture This

Welcome to Picture This. This is a relaxing puzzle game in where, you the player, place images from this very blog onto a map of a country we have visited. Each time you place the correct image a the correct location you will earn points. Place correct images in a sequential order and earn even more points!

When an image is placed in the location we travelled to next, you will see us move there. See if you can complete the puzzle and see the route we travelled through the country.

How to play

Either use the mouse to click and drag the images onto a location or use touch when you are on a mobile device.

Use the reset images button to reset the incorrectly placed images all back to the starting position. You can also click and drag incorrectly placed images to another location.

Please note that this game uses WebGL and Safari does NOT support it (yet). The game might not load.

Level Select

Click the map of a country you which to play to launch the game!

PLAY – The Netherlands

PLAY – Iceland

PLAY – Greece

PLAY – Italy