Pompeii and Amalfi


Normally the first thing we think about when we are talking about Pompeii is the eruption many years ago. We kind of forgot about it…. When we drove by a sign that said Vesuvius, we were looking at each other thinking about the fact that that was the reason we wanted to visit Pompeii in the first place.

One of the first days in Massa Lubrense we visited the ashed city of Pompeii. It was really big. We walked around for two hours and it peaked our interest at many ways. There were houses we entered and large floors tiled with mosaic. After our walk we ended our trip because it was getting late, but we still had to see the half of it. It is a beautiful city and we definitely want to come back one day to see the rest.


It’s not really Amalfi were we’ve been. We’ve walked in the Valle delle Ferriere which is gorgues. On the road to the valle we come across many tourist who wanted to see everything. So of course they stopped there car at the side of the spaghetti road (as we called it). Leaving almost no area for cars to pass by.

As we arrived at the valle the first two thing we did were walking the wrong way and, you guessed it right, walking the wrong way. We managed, with a little help, to find the right path eventually. The forest down there looked like a fantasy forest with the trees and the colors of the flowers. The path split up to Amalfi and down. We had to blindly chose which way to go to get to the waterfalls and we saw a little one.




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