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Hi ! Just a quick update today about our website and the plans for the coming period. We’ve added some links in the top menu. The most important one is the Travel Calendar. Whenever we book a new trip we will add it also to this calendar. Normally we will not always plan ahead as much, but when we do you will find it in this calendar.

We also want to keep track of some statistics and show them to you. For example how far we’ve travelled from location to location and by what means, car, boat, plane etc. We also would like to give you some insights to our financial situation and how much travel time we have left. It’s still work in progress but atleast you know it’s there. Check out our Stats for Nerds page for more information.


As you might have seen in the calendar, we are heading for Iceland! In the first half of August we will finally be flying again, we can not be more excited!

We will be exploring Iceland for twelve days with a 4X4 Jeep that has a rooftop tent on top. Its very much out of our comfort zone and that makes it all the more exciting!


September is also filled as we will be driving to the main land of Greece! Together with a group of friends we will explore Greece for about two weeks from our massive mansion. Good times!

Ofcourse there are still many gaps in our calendar which still need to be filled. We leave them as is for now especially with the covid situation ever changing. We want to remain somewhat flexible.

That’s it for now, see you again soon!

Calendar: https://timellen.net/travel-calendar/

Statistics: https://timellen.net/stats-for-nerds/

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