Radio Kootwijk and Hoge Veluwe

One of the reasons we chose to go to Putten is because of the Veluwe and offcourse we, people from the city, had to decide to go sightseeing by bike.

Cycling and watchtower Kootwijkerzand

The first day we were optimistic and we drove around 20 km to the Sand sculptures. If you want to read this, visit our blog from two days ago. If not, just go with this :D. The second day we also decided to cycle and went for around 40 km. With the pain still in our butts we started our route to Radio Kootwijk and the watchtower of Kootwijkerzand. We were doing well for 30 km, but after that it became uncomfortable. Still, we saw a lot of wonderful things on our way.

Radio Kootwijk

Radio Kootwijk was one of the locations we had to visit. This old building was used to make radio connections to the Dutch Indies. If we wanted to see the building from the inside, we had to make a reservation for a tour. Maybe next time.

Hoge Veluwe

The next day we went to National park Hoge Veluwe by car and were planning to visit hunting lodge Sint Hubertus. From the parking lot we hiked to the lodge through the beautiful nature. After five minutes of walking we already lost our way because of a misguided signpost. We both argued about witch way to go. Tim won the discussion but lost the battle, we went the wrong way. With a bit of a detour we arrived at the lodge anyway. On the way back we used the white bicycles that where included within the parks admission price.

Sint Hubertus

In the northern part of the park this lodge resides. It was build by the famous Dutch architect Berlage for the family Kröller-Müller. The family left it to the state and it became a foundation which it still is, this is including the park and the museums which we will visit later.

For now we will wait till the projected storm has passed, before we move out again. See you soon.


Hoge Veluwe:
Radio Kootwijk: Radio Kootwijk (


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