Railway of Death

Death Railway Museum

In the Death Railway Museum, we read stories about the way they build the railway. The railway was built to reach Burma. Slaves were used to build the railway in very bad circumstances. We thought there were only Thai slaves. So, we were startled to hear, there were also slaves from our own country (The Netherlands). At home we do not know about the history here. Next to the museum was a graveyard with a lot of casualties of this period.

Address: Death Railway Museum – Google Maps, Cemetary Kanchanaburi – Google Maps

Link: Death Railway Museum

Admission: 150,00 THB per person

The railway itself

The next day we went to see the Death Railway. There are more ways to visit it. You can ride there by car or via a tour operator in Kanchanaburi. We just bought train tickets from Kanchanaburi to Nam Tok. After we boarded the train, we saw a lot of tourists waiting at the next station. When they boarded a lot of people, that were already sitting there, were asked to leave. We were lucky to sit on the seats with the higher numbers and we could stay seated.

It was nice that we knew the history of the railway, so we could let it sink in while we enjoyed the view. We think the best view is on the left side of the train if you go from Kanchanaburi to Nam Tok. When we arrived at the train track with the wooden, we saw it was turned into a tourist attraction. It was weird for us to think that there used to be a slave camp here. The track went further to Nam Tok and the sights turned into a beautiful valley.

Address: Tham Krasae Railway Bridge – Google Maps

Train ticket Kanchanaburi to Nam Tok (round trip): 200,00 THB per person

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