Rent a boat and Corinth

Korfos sea fishing

Tim loves fishing and wanted to go out on the see to catch some. So he rented a boat for this.

The last time he went fishing, let’s say it could have been better. He caught one small fish and instead of catching another one he was left with some sea plants and an angry, luckily small octopus, because it just sounded fun to juggle the octopus around. Tim was surprised with the power the octopus had that was holding his fishing rod and struggled. When he got his fishing rod back, he saw a bitemark in it.

When we (Tim, Ellen and Wilco) hired the boat we suspected to be home soon because of the hot weather. Luckily there were enough clouds to keep it doable. As we sat on the boat we enjoyed the see, while Tim was doing his fishing. After one throw he already got one little fish, that he threw away in the sea. The second fish he caught soon after and kept is as bait, but the big fish stayed away. We all had a lovely day at the sea and after four hours we went back.


In Corinth we went to Akrokorinthos and Archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth. Both where great place to visit.


Akrokorinthos is a big castle to defend the people. It was very big and the roads up where hard to climb. Of course we had to climbed to the highest tower. The view from up there was really great. This is a place that we had visit without any restrictions. But if there is a wind up there it is kind of risky though. Some of the walls are broken of and there is some lack of support. It’s a beautiful place to visit.

Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

This is a great place to visit as well. It is big and has a lot of leftovers from the early days. Here we found a place of worship for Apollo with some nice scenery. The museum inside was small but the rest was very nice.

These place are wonderful and we enjoyed it very much. It’s a shame we had to leave. The next place had a very nice ocean view and Ellen fell in love with this place the first time she laid eyes on it, Monemvasia. Next time we’ll show you some pictures. Bey for now.



Corinth museum


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