Rome’s finest and our new stay


The first day

We went to Rome for two days and we can describe it in one word, only we rather write the details on this webpage. The last time we visited Italy, Rome was not our mission. So we went back to do the visiting.

The first thing we saw was the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. Because under the church there was a crypt we wanted to see. Before we entered the crypt, we saw some of the relics from holy things or people and of course a lot of paintings. When we entered the crypt, it wasn’t allowed to take any pictures. But we can tell you it’s really impressive. It’s made by monks and exists out of more than a thousand body’s. They found a place for every bone. So when you are in Rome, visit it.

The Spanish steps where next. They were very crowded and maybe we imagined them to be more impressive. Still they are worth the visit.

A big building that’s a sight for sour eyes. That’s what the Trevifountain is. It’s enormous and definitely worth the visit.

After a short walk we arrived at the Phanteon. The outside of the building was impressive. When we wanted to check the inside we found out that we should have both a ticket to go inside. As we saw the line and we also had a timeslot for the Vatican we walked past it. It’s really a shame because we think the inside is great.

Piazza Navonna is a plaza with a few statues on it. Which is normally beautiful but we were getting a little tired and we thought the Trevifountain was better.

And of course last but not least the Vatican museum and end of the first day. We booked a tour for this. It’s one of the biggest collections we have seen. There’s a lot of money here. The museum also includes the Sistine chapel which was marvelous. We did not stay for long in the chapel as we had seen so much art up to that point, we we’re a bit numb.

Second day

The Colosseum is also one of the must sees in Rome. We were lucky to get any tickets because they where almost gone. The only place we could not go was underground. We liked it but we it was more impressive in our minds.

Roman forum is the historic small city of Rome. At least what they found of it. There are still buildings left standing but most of it is flattened. Attached to the Roman Forum is Palatine hill. This is the place where the emperors have lived. Both of these places were part of the same ticket we had bought for the Colosseum and were nice to walk around in. Especially the Palatine Hill because it was nice and quiet with alot of great stuff to see.

Rome is a great place to visit and we definitely recommend going.

Our new apartment

We had booked our new apartment but we didn’t got a reply from the owner. So we had to change our plans at the last minute and we booked something new. Till today we didn’t know for sure were we where going until this morning when we had to leave our last apartment in Ladispoli. We arrived in Volterra back in Tuscany. We see it’s getting fall which is a lovely sight.


Capuchin Crypt


Vatican museum


Rome forum and Palatine Hill


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