Seoul South-Korea

Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace is a rather new palace compared to the ones we have seen before. It looks very much like Gyeongbokbung Palace but it is much smaller. We wanted to go to the museum but visiting was only on certain times and with guide. For the amount we paid to get in, it was a nice place to visit.

National museum of Korea

We were very impressed by the museum. It had a lot of treasures for a free submission. The history they showed was very diverse. It went from religion to calligraphic paintings. It is really worth to visit. Even the robots that walk around are making the trip worth it.

Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower is some kind of a tourist trap. Everybody wants to go there. The view is magnificent. We went up with a cable car and took our time to enjoy the view of the big city.


Deoksugung Palace

National Museum of Korea

Seoul Tower


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