Setting right our first impressions of Surat Thani

Surat Thani

We could have never been more wrong about a city. Surat Thani was a great city to stay. In our defence, the day we arrived, it was very rainy, dark and grey. In this town there is almost no tourism, because everybody was passing through on there way to Khao Sok National Park or to Koh Samui and there is a comfortable atmosphere. When we where walking through the streets, we could really feel it.

Nightmarket Surat Thani

The night market is really nice. They have a lot of food on sticks which we like and there is a lot of candy. Here we felt really welcome and we enjoyed it very much. We both took our food and went to our hotel to eat it.

The reason we came to Surat Thani was because of the Sunday Ban Don Floating Market. This market supposed to be a floating market, but it is a little different. We noticed it was in front of our house as well. But we decided to go to Khao Sok instead. We keep the story about this one for next blog.

Address: Nightmarket Surat Thani – Google Maps, Ban Don Floating Market – Google Maps

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