Sightseeing in Chuncheon

Soyanggang Skywalk

We are a little bit cautious to get on a skybridge. Normally they are really high. For instance, the last one we walked on was a 600-meter-high tower. The Soyanggang skywalk was above the water. It was one of the longer ones we have walked on, but it was a lot lower. When we walked over the bridge, we could see some left overs from before the war. The bullet holes where still visible.

Soyanggang Dam

The Soyanggnam dam was easy to reach by bus. When we arrived, we could see the dam from the road. It was massive. The water level was low, but we are sure that when the rain falls. It rises very fast. The river behind the dam was almost empty. The water in the lake is being used for drinking water.

Right now, we have left Chuncheon already. But it is really a nice place to stop when you are on your way to the east coast. Our plan was to go to the east coast, but because of the high prices we decided to go somewhere else. Read our next blog if you want to know where we are and where we are going.

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