Singapore life

Going to Singapore

When we went from Malaysia to Singapore, we got lucky. The trainline between Malaysia and Singapore just opened up. We went on the 20th of June 2022 and it opened up at the 19th of June 2022. The crossing went rather easy. We went to the central station of Johor Bahru. Before we could depart, we needed to cross the border out of Malaysia. The only things we needed for this were our passports. They had to stamp them out. When that was done, we could border the train. The ride was very fast. It only took five minutes. After we arrived, we had to follow the line of foreign passports. We had filled in a couple of files to get into Singapore.

First the SG arrival card. This was an online registration.

For us there were no quarantine measures, because of our vaccination status. If you have a different vaccination status, there are other measures needed.

We also had our vaccination certificates with us, so that they ask we could show them.

After our border crossing into Singapore, we received a digital stamp. It was very easy to get in here.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens was one of the most beautiful gardens we have seen so far. The most beautiful place we found at the Orchid Gardens. This is really a place you should visit it you like flowers. It is really neat and well kept. We loved it.


We stayed in a hotel in China Town. It is loved by us because of its temples and its food. In this case it also had a lot of high buildings. The buildings were overwhelming in the beginning. It was also very busy! We had to get used to it a bit as we tend to like the more quiet surroundings.

Singapore is very different than the countries we have seen before. It’s futuristic and very advanced in their use of technology on one side and very traditional on the other. It’s cool sight to behold, if only for a few days.


Botanical Gardens


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