Smokin’ Session

If we are in Haastrecht, ofcourse we have to use the smoker. We invited some friends over to spend the day in the sunshine and eat delicious smoked meat.

The day started bright and early, at 5:00 in the morning. The fire had to be lit this early as we planned to smoke some pork for at least ten hours.

For those who have never seen it before, this bad ass smoker is built from scratch by Toon and Tim a few years ago. It runs on big chunks of wood which need to be chopped by hand. The fire is burning in the front and the heat (and smoke) is pulling through the main chamber and out of the smoke stack by the smokestack. Inside the main chamber are grates to put the meats which are accessible by big hatches on the top.

Since there was hardly any wind there was some problems getting the heat through the smoker properly. But long live high tech gadgets! We used to drone to provide enough wind for the smoker to start up!

After about 10 hours the pulled pork was done. We also had some chicken and a pork belly rib which were smoked for a period that was slightly shorter.

It did not disappoint, it was delicious.

And that concluded another day in Haastrecht. We will be leaving here in a few days, time is moving fast… Soon we will update you all with our new schedule.

Bye for now!

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