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Strasbourg and Ardennes

As we are writing this, we are already back in Haastrecht. The past few months have gone by so fast! We are now preparing for our next trip, which we should reveal soon. For now lets look back on the last few days of the trip.


From Italy we drove straight through Switzerland directly into Germany, where we stayed for one night. From there we drove to the city of Strasbourg, right across the French border. There is a lot of history in that city and we wanted to properly check it out. We stayed for 2 days, right in the city center.

We enjoyed the city’s varied and beautiful architecture and even took a canal cruise, which we normally would never do. It was nice to quickly scan the city that way and determine what to give a more thorough look. We spent the rest of the day just walking through the streets.


November 4th is Tim’s fathers birthday. His parents were on holiday in the Ardennes. We went to join them to celebrate Toon’s birthday and spent two nice days in the cabin in the middle of the Ardennes. The weather could have been better but it was good enough for a hike to a small chapel on top of a hill. Tim went there on holiday almost 30 years ago, but could not remember anything. It was fun nonetheless.

Back to Haastrecht

After two days we returned “Home” in Haastrecht. Time to start planning the coming months ahead of us and visit friends and family.

The blog will be a bit quiet for the coming days but we will be back shortly 🙂 Bye !


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