After our stay in Asakusa, we moved to Sumida. There we have rented an Airbnb near the Sky Tree. This was a very nice place to stay. The metro was near our home and we had a big supermarket called Life that had everything. The bento’s there are very good and fresh. You can easily get sushi there. Be sure to get some soy sauce and wasabi to flavour it.

Address: Tokyo Skytree – Google Maps
Website: TOKYO SKYTREE (tokyo-skytree.jp)
Admission: 2700 Yen per adult (combo ticket)

Address: Sumida river – Google Maps

Address: Life Supermarket – Google Maps
Website: lifecorp.jp

Akasaka Guesthouse

In Akasaka we found a guesthouse that was build in English style. The builder was from Japan, but had studied under an English man. Akasaka Guesthouse is built on top of a Japanese palace owned by the Tokagawa family. The house itself is around 100 years old and a place were Japanese are very proud of. The guesthouse exists out of wood, gold, marble and many different English building styles with a touch of Japanese. This guesthouse is used for very important guest. We were impressed by this guesthouse. It was very clean and well kept.

Address: State Guest House Akasaka Palace – Google Maps
Website: State Guest House, Akasaka Palace | Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (geihinkan.go.jp)
Admission: 1500 Yen per adult (garden and guesthouse)

This was our last visit in Japan. Next time we are showing some things from another country. If you want to see more about Japan, please go to Japan Travel Destination » Tim and Ellen’s Blog (timellen.net).

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