Taste of Islamic life and a Thai temple

Wat Koh Wanararm temple

We visited a temple called Wat Koh Wanararm temple. It was a small Buddhist temple from Thailand. We saw a big statue, carved in the mountain. The statue took four years to build. Magnificent. The temple itself was rather small, but is was still nice to see.


Fruit in Asia is very special for a European. That is why we went to the fruit farm called Madri technological garden. It was big and we went through the garden by car. We tried jackfruit, watermelons (yellow and red), passionfruit, starfruit and a lot more. They also had rambutan, durian and grapes. Which we could not try, because they were out of season. The fruit garden is definitely worth it for half a day sightseeing.

Eid al-Adha

The hotel host invited us to Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha is translated to Feast of the Sacrifice and is the second Islamic holiday after the period of fasting. They told us is was the same as Christmas and everyone was invited. The food was wonderful. We had Laksa, Coconut jelly, Rendang and lamb from the grill. The experience we had was amazing and the people were very friendly.

Right know we have left Kuah and are staying nearby the beach in Cenang and we are enjoying it. Read you later!


Madri techonological garden

Eid al-Adha


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