Temple, graveyard, KL tower and road to Penang

Thean Hou Temple

Last time we were here, we liked this place of worship so much that we visited it again. We noticed a few changes. There were a lot of newlyweds, because under the temple was a marriage registration office. They also changed the lanterns from red to orange. Next to that, everything was the same. It was still a very nice place to visit and we still loved it.

Afterwards we went to a graveyard, called Hokkien Cemetery Kuala Lumpur, that was close to the place of worship. While walking, we saw a dead snake lying on the side of the road and we realised those animals also live here. The neighbourhood itself was in worse condition than we have seen so far, but the two buildings called castle one and castle two maid it a little better. When we arrived at the burial ground, we were alone. Tourist stay away from this place. Instead, we saw a lot of stray dogs. The cemetery itself was very big and very impressive. It really left an impression.

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Some of the things we wanted to do last time we were here, but skipped, was climbing the KL tower. This tower is 421 meters high. We went to only 350 meters. The ascent itself was very easy. After a few stairs, that you can skip with the bus or car, we got pushed inside an elevator. When we got upstairs the view was magnificent. As we walked around, we were glad we got the cheaper tickets, because we would have the same view as we had on the upper deck.

Going to Penang

After a week of Kuala Lumpur, it was time for us to go to our next place. This is George Town, the place where we ended our trip in 2020 because of Covid-19. We were very excited to come here again. After a long journey by train and ship, the thirst thing we did in George Town was eating. We are sitting near the Jettiā€™s food court. Maybe we will visit it three times a day? Who knows.

Penang is new for us and we love to explore it further. So stay tuned.


KTM train Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Thean Hou Temple

Hokkien Cemetery Kuala Lumpur

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