Temple in Hiroshima

Mitaki-dera temple

We went to Mitaki-dera temple in Hiroshima. This temple was rather normal, but the surroundings are very nice. As we walked up, we saw a lot of statues and wild growth plants. Next to the path we saw a nice stream coming down the hill. The path up was very nice, it looked like we walked in a scene of nature. As we reached the temple, we saw the path going up even further. We climbed another stone stair and arrived at a small waterfall. The path went even further there and turned into a (for us) normal hiking path. It was a small dirt path. At the beginning we saw a lot of bamboo, making the forest very dark. We saw there was a bear warning and decided not to go any further because we were not equipped. Afterwards we thought this was probably the nicest forest we had seen so far.

Address: Mitaki-dera – Google Maps
Admission: 200 yen per adult


When we arrived at the island Miyajima we walked next to a beautiful beach. We saw a lot of wild deer walking around on the sidewalk. We walked to the Itsukushima Shrine. This supposed to be the biggest shrine on the island. We did not enter it, because we wanted to go to the top of Mt. Misen. This top is reachable by foot and by ropeway. We chose to go up by ropeway and walk down. The scenery is very nice. We went to an observation deck and looked over the sea. When we walked down, we thought that it was a nice trip. The people going up where very much struggling. As we came down Ellen her knees were giving up and cramped with every movement. We wanted to visit the Dashio-In temple. This Buddhistic temple seemed nicer that the Itsukushima Shrine, but we think that depends on your taste.

How to arrive at Miyajima from Hiroshima. There are two ways to get to Miyajima Island. You can go from Hiroden-Miyajimaguchi Station – Google Maps by JR ferry with a lot of other passengers, or you can go from Hiroshimako Station – Google Maps which is more expensive.

Address: Itsukushimashrine- Google Maps
Website: Ituskushima Shrine Official Website (itsukushimajinja.jp)
Admission: 300 yen per adult (shrine only)

Address: Miyajima Ropeway – Google Maps
Website: Miyajima Ropeway(English) | 宮島ロープウェー (miyajima-ropeway.info)
Admission: 1010 Yen per adult (one way), 1840 Yen per adult (round trip).

Address: Daishō-in – Google Maps
Website: Daisho-in.com
Admission: Unknown

Hiroshima is a very nice place to stay. If you want to know more about our travels in Japan, go to Japan Travel Destination » Tim and Ellen’s Blog (timellen.net)

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