Temple quest and Jetty Village

Walk to the Jetty’s and St. George church

Nearby our hotel there is a little village called Jetty’s. This is a Chinese village build on water. It is still in George Town, but because they live on the water instead of the ground, they are free of paying any taxes. We walked on a really wide pier and at the end we had a magnificent view.

Pinang Paranakan Mansion

This house is a museum of Malayan and Chinese history combined. It exists out of very delicate art that we also have seen in temples. Some of the decoration was made of glass and were put inside of one room, that we were scared to enter because we thought that we would break something. Behind the house was a small museum that showed clothes and jewelry of the same period people lived in the house. In a small alley there was another passage to a temple. This temple was very quiet and hard to find. We knew it was there, because we saw it behind the walls while walking by. But some people missed it. This was one of the things that we skipped last year and we don’t understand why. We thought it is really great and one of the must see attractions while here.

Kek Lok Si Temple

This is the biggest temple of Asia. Inside there are many places of worship that people use. There are also some people begging for money and a lot of sellers. They left us alone. We forgot how big the temple was. The reason we went back was, because two years ago they were building on the statue called Guanyin Statue and it supposed to be done by now. When we went up, we had a magnificent view, but we could not enter the premises around it. Still, it is a nice place to visit and we recommend anyone to visit it when in Malaysia.

There is still a lot to see and eat here. Bye for know.


Kek Lok Si temple

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

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