Temples and Palaces in Bangkok

Wat Pho Temple

We walked from the subway see some temples and a palace. When we entered Wat Pho Temple we saw beautiful buildings. The buildings had so much details made of little stones and paint, it was wonderfull. This temple complex was the most important one during the reign by (King) Rama I (Chakri Dynasty). It is also the place were the Golden Buddha lies. Ofcourse we had to go. There also should be a massage school, but we skipped it. Shame on us.

Link: Wat Pho

Adress: Wat Pho – Google Maps

Temple of the Emerald Buddha and The Grand Palace

Behind the Wat Pho was the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and The Grand Palace. It is a really big place surrounded by very high walls. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha was one of the biggest attractions. That is because it is a very interesting place. When you enter you see a lot buildings made out of glittering stones. The outside walls are filled with drawings. In the middle there stands The Emerald Buddha. After that you walk to the exit and we found ourselves standing next to the palace, which was also very big.

Link: Temple of the Emerald Buddha, The Grand Palace

Adress: Tempel van de Smaragdgroene Boeddha – Google Maps

For the next period we will be here in Bangkok. Seeing some other things. Have fun reading.

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