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The beautiful chambers of Al Hambra

But first

We are sorry about letting you in the dark for so such a long time.

Al Hambra

After our stop with the car and our engine sign still on, we drove to Al Hambra (Red Palace) in Granada. The place was magnificent. First, we went to visit the Palace of Nasrid. Everywhere we looked, we saw beautiful walls. The palace is the only surviving palatine city of the Islamic Golden age. If you go there, you really have to visit this palace.

At some places in the castle we could still see traces of the militairy.

Drive home

We stayed in Spain for one more night and went on to France. In France we wanted to take a bite in Germany, but we change our minds and went on to our home in the Netherlands.

Our plans

Because of the weather and some private relations, we stayed here a little longer than we expected. A day before our flight, we took a PCR-test. Tim’s was negative, but Ellen’s was positive. So, Ellen had to go in insolation. Let’s call this hibernation, that sounds a little better. A day later Tim was showing some signs of illnesses and he went to do a PCR-test. In the meantime, we rescheduled our flight and we went on with the hibernation.

We are telling where we are going when we get there. If we ever get there.

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