The beauty of Sete Cidades

Made our way to Sete Cidades

After we left Ponta Delgada we rode to Sete Cidades. We wanted to take the road that had the most sightseeing spots. Little did we know that that road was an 15 km uphill climb. As we did our best to get to our final destination of that day, we saw some beautiful things along side of the road. The most impressive thing we saw was an abandoned hotel on the top of a mountain, with a beautiful side. After the climb we were relieved to see some downhill road and we enjoyed it very much.

Sete Cidades

One day resting from climbing with a bike did the trick. The second day of our stay in Sete Cidades we took a walk through the volcanic landscape of the village and as we walked along side the water, we heard and saw a lot of birds flying around. At the end we really enjoyed the nature in this place.

Thank you for staying with us, while traveling. Soon there are more pictures and story’s about our journey through Sao Miguel.

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