The house and Mykines

The house

Last week we arrived at our stay in Korfos. A nice town next to the Golf of Egina. The seawater is really refreshing and the town has a lot of restaurants. It’s a wonderful place to stay in. In the weekends it’s very busy, but the rest of the week it’s quiet. Our house is large, it has a pool and enough bedrooms to fit seven people. A great place to stay.

Mykines archeological sites

We went to Mykines for some ancient archeological sites of Greece. The first was the Palace of Mycenae. A lot of the treasure that was found here was placed in the museum of Athens that we visited last week. The palace itself was big and was an interesting place to walk through. When I left the property we finally felt like we where in Greece.

After the palace we visited the museum which was kind of small. Some stuff we saw there we also saw in Athens and some where replicas of the things we saw in Athens.

Close to the palace lies the Tomb of Agamemnon where we walked in. It had a path that walked to a gate where you can walk in a tomb big dome. It is a shame that this was the end of the path because we wanted to go in further.

Our next stay will be in Monemvasia from the 25th of September. But first some last sightseeing’s around Korfos.


Archaeological site of Mycenae

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