To Mae Salong

Bandaan Museum (Black House)

On our way to Mae Salong we visited the Baan dam museum, also known as the black house. It is one of the tourist spots in Chiang Rai. This house is turned into a museum and had an exhibitions of living paintings. Those paintings were somehow made in 3D. If we scanned the QR code and we pointed it at the painting, we saw a painting that came to life if you have Instagram. The house itself has an African style.

Address: Baan Dam Museum – Google Maps

Chinese Martyr Memorial

Before arriving in Mae Salong we went to the Chinese Martyr Memorial. We were wondering how a Chinese community came to live in this region. Apparently, China helped Thailand in the war against the communist rebels. The museum was rather small and only a small portion of it was in English.

Address: The Martyr’s Memorial Hall (Chinese Division 93 Memorial) – Google Maps

Mae Salong

Mae Salong is a small place in the North of Thailand. It is places in the mountains. The reason we wanted to visit Mae Salong is because we wanted to walk between the mountains. We drove to a few viewpoints and temples and we had seen some magnificent sights.

Address: Tea Plantation 101 Doi Mae Salong – Google Maps

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