Top travel destinations

We are already on the road for a while and we were thinking about our top destinations. So we decided to start and our top lists to it.

Top five thermal hot springs

  1. Myvatn, Iceland link
  2. Furnas, Acores, Portugal link
  3. Blue Lagoon, Iceland link
  4. Caldeira Velha Ribiera Granda, Acores, Portugal link
  5. Vulkaneifel Therme, Bath Bertrich, Germany link

Top ten country’s

  1. Greece
  2. Malaysia
  3. Portugal Azores islands
  4. Italy
  5. Indonesia
  6. Iceland
  7. Portugal
  8. Switzerland
  9. Germany
  10. Spain
  11. France

Top ten food

  1. Hotpot, Penang, Malaysia
  2. Laksa, Pankor, Malaysia
  3. Pizza by Emelia, Masa Lubrence, Italy
  4. Chickenrice Yummy cottage, Penang, Malaysia
  5. Bakso, Amlapura, Bali, Indonesia
  6. Babi Guling, Amlapura, Bali, Indonesia
  7. Dim sum, Penang, Malaysia
  8. Pita Gyros, Korfos, Greece
  9. Sheek Kebab, Greece
  10. Bougatsa, Greece