“Traces of war” hike and Castle Heeswijk

Hike “Traces of war”

In a part of the Loonse and Drunense dunes that we haven’t covered yet, stood a memorial monument. We hiked for two kilometers from our car to the memorial place. After a short while Tim discovered some QR-codes and began to scan them whit his phone. This area was one of the places the Germans held there ammunition. At the end of there war the German blew up there ammunition, because there were afraid it would fell into the wrong hands.

Castle Heeswijk

As you probably will know now, we love to snoop around in castles, gardens and history. The castle itself is an old building, but the interior looked better than most. Some families have lived here. There was also a memorial sign about the 501st airborne company that helped with the Operation Market Garden.

This was our last sightseeing trip in the Netherlands. Next time we will be posting, it will be from Iceland. Perhaps we will also post some videos again. Bye bye for know.


Loonse and Drunense dunes
Website with QR codes
Castle Heeswijk
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