Trip in Busan

Haedon Yonggungsa Temple

This temple is one of the bigger temples we have seen in South-Korea. Before we entered, we walked through a street with vendors. After we crossed the border of the temple the vonders were gone. We saw a lot of statues, some of them were really strange. The temple itself was small with a nice view. It is a nice place to visit.


Jagalchimarket is one of the biggest fish markets of Asia. We were there to eat some crab. First, we looked around and saw some very big fish. It was really quiet. The smell of fish was very strong. When we got home, our clothes smelled like fish.

Crab time

But we came for the crab and it was large. We ate one of three kilos. It was really tender and with the baked rice it was perfect. We wanted to keep eating it.

This was our last day in Busan. One of the nicest things we haven’t got any pictures of is the beach. In the evening everybody comes out and it is really nice to walk there.


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple



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