Trip through Tokyo


Our trip through Tokyo started with Shibuya. The reason for going there is shopping, but for us it was just walking over the busiest crossroads of Japan. We know that there is an observation deck, but that was closed. The crossroad itself was off course very crowded and we understand why it is so known.

Address: Shibuya crossroad observation desk – Google Maps


On our trip through Tokyo we went to Akihabara. In Akihabara are a lot of building with stores on top of each other. You really have to look for the stores. There are a lot of places where you can spend your day playing games. For only 100,00 Yen per game, you can play the game that you like. We also went into a lot of shops with figurines.

Address: Akihabara – Google Maps

Mount Takao

Mount Takao is a mountain that is 60 kilometres from Tokyo. It is a really nice place to visit. You can go up with a cable car or a train or walking. There are a view walking tracks to go up. If you want to go over the walking track number six, you’ll have to do it while going up and before 14:00h. It gets too dark afterwards. We took the normal route going up and a side route number four going down. On this route we came across a wooden bridge which was really fun to cross and the route itself is easy to do with sneakers. The temple Takao Yakuoin Tukiji Temple was very nice. It looked old and very well kept.

Address: Mount Takao – Google Maps, Takaoyama Yakuouin Yukiji Temple – Google Maps

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