Tsukishima shinto and sea view

Sumiyoshi Jinja Shinto shrine

We went back to Tsukishima again to look at the Shinto shrine. Some shrines are very small and others are a little bigger als you could see in the last video. This one is the biggest in Tsukishima we have seen so far.

Walking along the sea

After visiting the shrine, we went to the park behind the shrine called Tsukuda Park. It was very nice to walk, because of the wind coming from the sea. The weather is around 37 degrese everyday, but it feels like 45 or more. Go on and watch our video to find out.

Exploring and photographing in Tsukishima, Tokyo, Japan

If you want to see the last video of Tsukishima go to Tsukishima Tokyo ยป Japan (timellen.net).
Hope to see you next time.

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