Up and Over

We left Sete Cidades after spending three days in the caldeira. The wind was pretty strong and during the nights we had the feeling our little cabin would be blown apart. Luckily for us when it was time to bike again the wind was quiet once again.

We climbed out of the caldeira and went pretty much downhill along the coast towards our next destination, where we would spend two nights in a small house next to an old windmill. The scenery along the way was great and we took our time to soak it all in.

The single day we were in the old mill house, we did not do much for sightseeing but we did recover slightly from the bike ride and prepare for the next trip. The next destination was the city Ribiera Grande which is the second biggest city of the island. From there we planted to spend a few days to visit the big lake in the middle of the island and did some hiking. The trip to Ribiera Grande was also pretty smooth and we got the feeling we’re starting to get a hang of things on the bike. The coastal views we saw along the way were nothing short of epic.

This island has us firmly in our grips, we can’t wait to explore it more! Stay tuned!


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