Views in Taipei

Elephant Mountain

The views in Taipei. That is what we are looking for. One of them is while walking. The first thing we went to see, was the Elephant Mountain. It is a climb of around five kilometres and most of it is uphill. The Elephant Mountain has many resting places where we admired the view. The path itself exist out of a lot of stairs and is well kept. We haven’t walked for a while and afterwards we found out that we really missed this. We also wanted to visit the Taipei 101 Observatory, but it was very cloudy and we already had seen a lot of towers. So, we skipped this one. But for the people who would like to see how they build earthquake steady buildings; you really must see this.

Address: Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain) – Google Maps
Website: Taipei City Government-About Xinyi District
Admisson: Free

Address: Taipei 101 observatory – Google Maps
Website: Observatory | Taipei 101 (taipei-101.com.tw)
Admission: 800 NTD per adult

National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum of Taipei is one of the places where we learned about the history of Taiwan. The things that impressed us most about the museum were the Chinese cup and saucer work. Also, the Jade section was very nice. Afterwards we went to a small garden that was really well kept. The view of the museum was very nice. It was almost like this building was built in the middle of know where.  

Address: Nationaal Paleismuseum – Google Maps
Website: National Palace Museum (npm.gov.tw)
Admission: 350 NTD per adult

Lungshan Temple

Lunghan Temple is also called the Dragon temple. This temple is one of the biggest tourist temples in Taipei. We found that it was a little bit different then the temples we have seen in Malaysia. This temple had more detail, but was less maintained. We did not get a good look from the inside because there were other people praying. Some people we saw were throwing red half moon stone on the ground. We are not sure, but we think it has something to do with their fortune.

Address: Mengjia Drakenbergtempel – Google Maps
Website: 台北市艋舺龍山寺 (lungshan.org.tw)
Admission: Free

We took the bullet train out of Taipei and went to our next city in Taiwan. If you want to read more about our travels in Taiwan, go to Taiwan » Taiwan (timellen.net).

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