Vila do Franca and maybe bye Sao Miguel

Vila do Franca

After Furnas we biked to the city Vila do Franca, because we wanted to go do some whale watching. Sadly because of the weather it was canceled and we walked to a church instead. As you do. This church itself was nice, but the view was even better. We stayed here for more than a hour, just to watch.

Ponta Delgada

We arrived back in de main city of Sao Miguel, Ponta Delgada. Our idea is to celebrate Christmas here, then fly over to Flores at the 27th of December and celebrate New Year there. The flight to Flores was canceled because of the wind. We had to wait until we received a booking for the next flight, on the 28th, but after a day of waiting, that one was canceled too. For now we have a booking for the 29th and we hope we can fly to Flores and celebrate New Year there.

We’re in a good apartment now, with a rooftop on it and view over the seas. So next time we will be writing, we’ll be on the island Flores. Bye for now.


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