Walk through Fukuoka’s Parks

Ohori Park

Before we went back to Tokyo, we took a walk through Fukuoka’s Parks. The first park we visited was Ohori Park. This park was close by our accommodation. People here are very sportive. The park was full of people running and cycling to get some exercise. In the middle of the park, there were two lakes. Around those lakes there were footpaths. In the middle of one of the waters, there was an island with many birds. It was a very nice park.

Address: Ōhori Park – Google Maps
Website: Information about Ohori Park|大濠公園|水と緑のオアシス (ohorikouen.jp)
Admission: Free

Fukuoka Castle ruins

Behind the Ohori Park there was another park, called Maizuru Park with Fukuoka’s Castle ruins. On the top of the hill there are the castle ruins. We could not reach the top because it was blocked. The view we got from the Castle ruins was ok. In the garden of the Castle, we could see a lot of Cherry blossom trees. We think this place is magnificent in the Sakura.

Address: Maizuru Park – Google Maps
Website: Maizuru Park (www-midorimachi-jp)
Admission: Free

Nishi Park

We think Nishi Park is the most beautiful. This park is located behind a temple which was a rather big one in the early days. We could see that because there were two Torri gates were far apart from each other. The park itself exist out of a forest with an observation spot. The forest was rather wild, like it was not taken care of and there were birds of prey at the observation spot. One that grasp the food out someone’s hands while he was eating. One of the things we noticed in Fukuoka, was that it had a lot of birds of prey flying around.

Address: Nishi Park – Google Maps
Website: Information about Nishi Park|西公園|水と緑のオアシス (nishikouen.jp)
Admission: Free

We will take the train to Tokyo after Fukuoka for celebrating new year at Senso-Ji. For more information about Japan, go to Japan Travel Destination » Tim and Ellen’s Blog (timellen.net).

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